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It is safe it sleep on either side. They tell you its best to lay on your left because your kidneys drain better when you lay on the left. Just don't lay flat on your back

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โˆ™ 2008-08-14 03:12:23
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Q: While pregnant what side should you lay on?
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How do you lay while pregnant?

you should not lay on your stomach. your should lay on which ever side is most comfortable but your left side is a whole lot better for baby

Which side to lay on when pregnant to feel for movement?

Your right side

How should you lay while pregnant?

It is best to lay on your left side, allowing increased blood-flow and nutrients to go to the placenta. Do not sleep on your back if you can help it, since laying on your back while pregnant since the uterus will put pressure on the spine, back muscles, and major blood veins and intestines, which will reduce circulation for you, and the baby.

Will a cat lay down a lot if she is pregnant?

yes, normally it'll lay down on it's side.

What side should you lay on for digestion?

"When you lay on your right side you are allowing digestion to flow better when you rest."Your right side. :]

Can a guinea pig lay down while pregnant?

yes they can but what would happen with the baby what if its squash

What do a pregnant angelfish look like?

Two huge lumps on each side they will lay there eggs on a plant.

We should we do intercourse to got pregnant?

maybe lay off the weed for a bit first.

Is it safe to lay tile while pregnant?

Yes but avoid heavy lifting and standing on high ladders.

How long you need to lay down in the bed after intercource to get pregnant?

You don't have to lay down after intercourse to get pregnant.

Can you lay on your side if your 2 months pregnant?

All through the pregnancy you can safely sleep in any position you find comfortable.

Could you lay on your side after a hernia surgery?

No, you cannot lay on your side after a hernia surgery as it may cause pain or more problems. You should lay on your back to aid your recovery and until your doctor tells you otherwise.

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