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1. holding hands 2. hugging 99. kissing

dont start a relationship with kissing, because it affects the whole point of it. first remember how old you are (im guessing between 11-16) and what you should do at that age. -Courtney

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Q: Which should come first in a relationship holding hands hugging or kissing?
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What is the next step after hugging in the relationship?

slowly start talking more than you usually do and if its a young relationship you should probably hold hands before kissing

What should be in a romance film?

Love, romance, kissing, hugging.

Can you only be boyfriend and girlfriend if you kiss?

Of course not! There is so much more to being boyfriend and girlfriend than just kissing! Talking, holding hands, hugging and having fun should all be parts of a relationship. If you are quite young then most people would not expect you to be kissing anyway! :D x

How sexual should a 6th grader get?

Kissing and holding hands, the end.

Do you huge your boy frien or kiss him?

Start by hugging, don't kiss straight away, the boy will think you're desperate which you aren't. Hugging is more romantic in my opinion besides, kissing, the boy should always do first. Hugging is just more intimate.

If you and your boyfriend just got together like 5 days ago when should you start hugging him?

really? you havnt even hugged him and your going out? you should be hugging and kissing already. it will make you feel more comfortable with each other in the long run instead of pro-longing the first hug/kiss

How do you get your girlfriend to let you touch her butt while kissing?

It should happen if your relationship works well

Is it bad to start liking guys in 6 grade and dating and should you hold hands or hug or kiss?

its totally fine to like someone at that age. If you start dating them, just take it slow. There's nothing wrong with holding hands, hugging, or kissing. Just don't go to fast and wait for the right moment to be kissed. :)

When he doesn't kiss you anymore like he should?

Define should!! The longer you are in a relationship the more your kissing 'style' will change. It invariably starts off in a passionate and discovering way. As you grow into your relationship and become more comfortable with one another your kissing becomes more intimate and unfortunately sometimes a bit perfunctory. If though the kissing stops altogether then you have a problem that needs addressing.

How do you get to hugging and holding hands and such in a pre-teen relationship?

im 11 and im in a relationship right now but what i did is just talked to her for the first 2 days, we have 2 periods together and we hang out lunch then after 2 days hold out your arms for a hug and if he/she doesnt do it say come on gimme a hug and if they still dont, he/she doesnt like you and you should dump him/her just wait another 2 days of hugging and then when you have the chance, put your hand into the other persons hand. i waited a week for my first kiss but you can choose when you want to do the rest

How do you encorage a girl to kiss a boy?

To encourage a girl to kiss a boy, the girl needs to make eye contact with the boy. Do a little conversation, if they are in a relationship they should be holding hands. Then they should be alright, slowly getting there heads closer and closer, but first watch out for the lips so you can go to the kissing part.

Should you kiss your boyfriend when you are only in 2 months into your relationship?

it depends on what age you are. id say that 13 or 14 and up should. kissing is actually good for a relations and kissing also connects you with your partner. Kissing is also a very adult thing and relationships are very adult things so it kinda shows that your ready to be an adult in a relationship. Just dont let it get past kissing and if you try it and are not comfortable with it then DONT DO IT ANYMORE. wait a little longer and try again