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slowly start talking more than you usually do and if its a young relationship you should probably hold hands before kissing

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It is kissing

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Q: What is the next step after hugging in the relationship?
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What does make moves mean?

When you are going out, then it means like hugging, holding hands or trying to kiss you. It also means that when a person in the relationship is trying to take it to the next step, such as from hand holding to kissing or what not!

What is the next step to move forward in a relationship?

Where are you right now?

Hugging in school?

yea that's the start to a goood relationship

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What should you do if your boyfriends wants to take the next step?

If your boyfriend wants to take the next step as in to have sex. you should both be able and comfortable to talk about it together and decide if this is really something you want to do. Communication in a relationship is key.

You are only friends you like him he likes you what's the next step?

You have to talk about things and define your relationship and what you both want - then take it from there.

How can a long distance friendship become a relationship?

Grow with eachother. Become closer, and better friends. Then take the next step.

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What are the characteristics of an abusive relationship?

Hugging, Kissing, Complimenting each other, etc... Ben Dover

What are teenagers reason why they engage in relationship?

They want to be involved in a relationship because they want to take the next step of dating and see how it goes to grow up. They sometimes want to be single or even in a relationship at times. They should ask you permission to make big choices and steps to the next level of having a relationship if it is necessary.

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