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Breakfast: 2 bowled eggs with milk

Lunch: 1 glass Juice with salad

Dinner: Fruit and half plate for rice

and exercise is also important for loss weight.

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Q: Which quick weight loss diets actually work?
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Quick Weight Loss Diets?

For the most part, quick weight loss diets should be avoided. These diets often promote unhealthy ideas that will result in temporary weight loss. Unfortunately, most of this weight comes back and often it returns with even more weight than originally lost. This is because the fundamental laws of weight loss can not be avoided. Weight loss occurs because of an improved diet and increased exercise. There is no other non-surgical option available that actually works long term. It is bad news for people that want to put in no effort, but it should be no surprise to anyone that has educated themselves about weight loss.

What weight loss diets show the best results quick?

There are many diets for quick weight loss. Before doing something like this you must consult with your doctor to be sure your health can handle a change. I believe if you watch what you eat and work out you can lose weight quickly.

What are a few well known quick weight loss diets?

The Atkins diet can cause rapid weight loss in the first fortnight if the individual restricts their intake of carbohydrates to below 20g a day. The Dukan diet can also lead to quick weight loss.

Where online can I find quick weight loss diets?

You can find excellent information on quick weight loss from and Both websites offer something different for the dieter who needs advice on how to shed pounds in little time.

What diet should be used for fat loss?

No diets! Just healthy eating. Diets will cause you to lose weight quick, but gain it back very quickly once you stop.

What types of quick diets can I do?

Some times just altering your daily food intake (switching out that candy bar for an apple), can assist in quick weight loss. I suggest checking out WebMD's website for great tips, diets and safe ways to lose weight fast.

What are some programs for quick weight loss?

Some effective programs for quick weight loss are Weight Watchers or Curves. You should learn about proper nutrition and eating healthy while keeping active and exercising. Diet pills and fad diets are dangerous and don't work well.

Which diets work best for quick weight loss?

Weight loss is based on what the person does to help it along. Any plan you follow effectively can give you the result you need. So the answer is to find one you are comfortably with and do exactly as recommended

Where can one find a rapid weight loss diet?

There is an article in Forbes regarding good foods for quick weight loss. Also, check with WebMD, Jenny Craig, and even the Mayo Clinic. Fad diets should be avoided.

Where can I go to find out about protein diets, their benefits, and cooking tips?

The Atkins Diet and the Dukan Diet are protein based diets and will offer quick weight loss solutions, but the effects are temporary. The best place to find out information on these diets are in books dedicated to them.

What is a weight loss diet?

There are numerous weight loss diets out there, but one of the best that I have found where you are actually full at every meal is called the Zone Diet. I think you should try this " " . My sister lose 75 pounds from the secret system so don't worry.

Are there specific diets for blood types?

There are specific diets for weight loss according to blood type, but like many other diets, none have been conclusively proven to work. There is no magic bullet for weight loss.