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I think body wash smells better, but that's my opinion.

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Q: Which one smells better soap or body wash?
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Who is the guy in the Irish Spring Body Wash commercial?

There have been many guys over the years to appear in Irish Spring Body Wash commercials. However, the names for the guys are unavailable.

Can you die from a roach bite?

Roaches are not poisonous. The only way to die from a roach bite would be if the bite got badly infected. Just wash the bite with soap and water and you should be fine.

Who sings the dawn soap commercial?

I think it may be Ray Lamontagne... almost positive... it's actually Joe Purdy. it's called "wash away." and its cute :D Joe Purdy... It annoys me how much someone asked this question on yahoo answers, and thought it was Rob Pattinson. >.<

Why did Ralphie go blind in 'A Christmas Story'?

Strangely enough, he does think he "shot his eye out" when a ricochet from a metal sign hits him in the face. But he didn't go blind, only broke his glasses. When Ralphie says a bad word his mother makes him sit in the bathroom with a bar of soap in his mouth. In a fantasy sequence, he goes blind from 'soap poisoning' which causes his parents to realize how cruel they were.

Does smegma ever go?

There is no current available way to PREVENT smegma FOREVER. The only way to get rid of it is to rinse or wash it, which is temporary. To get rid of the smegma, you have to rinse the area that contains the smegma with warm water and mild soap. If there is irritation, discontinue mild soap, and use warm water instead. Don't use anything sharp or dense, like cotton swabs. You may use your fingers but use them GENTLY.

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Is body wash better than traditional soap?

Body wash may be better than traditional bar soap. This is because it rinses clean from the skin easier, and it also tends to be less expensive. Body wash is also available in a wider variety of scents.

Is it ok to wash your hair with body wash?

Soap is soap.

Is it good to wash your body with shampoo?

No, shampoo has substances that are made to wash your hair. Soap is a better way to go.

Do you need soap to wash your body?

No way man!

What is non-soap body wash?

It is a cleanser that has no detergents

Is it bad to wash a car with body soap?

What do you mean by body soap? Soap that is in bar form, or soap that in a bottle like body wash? Bar soap could pick up sand and grit that might scratch the finish. Body wash is a mild abrasive but I have never heard of anybody using it for washing a car but I assume that a slight clouding of the clear coat is possible. If you have access to dish soap (detergent) it is the best improvised automotive soap.

Do you really smell?

Everybody smells if they do not wash properly. It is a natural odour and not very nice to breathe in. Soap and water makes all the difference, that's why we wash.

How do you clear dirt spots?

wash your body with soap and water.

How do I get rid of the stinky smell on my leather banded watch?

brush wash with "soap de calabaza". this soap is used to clean leather and get rid of stinky smells caused by sweat.

Can you wash your body with soap and water after use of ketoconazole shampoo?


What are other names for soap?

Other names for soap include cleanser, detergent, and bar soap.

Can you wash a guinea pig with dial body wash?

No you can't use human soap, you should use soap made for small animals like guinea pigs.