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No, shampoo has substances that are made to wash your hair. Soap is a better way to go.

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Q: Is it good to wash your body with shampoo?
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Is it ok to wash a webkinz with human shampoo?

Yes but Body Wash is better. Wash them out very well and you will be good!!!

What is the difference between body wash and shampoo?

The difference is mainly that shampoo is pH balanced to around 7, while body wash is around 5-6. This is because skin has a slight acidic property to it. Furthermore, most shampoo have conditioners/moisturizers specifically designed for hair.

Does Old Spice make a line of Shampoo?

Old Spice makes shampoo! It is a combination of body wash and hair wash, though.

Is dove body wash good to bathe your bunny?

Yes, you can even get shampoo for them from your nearest pet shop. Just be careful the water isn't too hot!!!

Can you wash your body with soap and water after use of ketoconazole shampoo?


Can you wash your hair without washing your body?

In the sink with your shampoo and stuff.

Is axe for women a deodorant?

It is available as one but its also body wash and shampoo

What do witch use when they take a bath?

Water, soap or body wash, and shampoo.

What is the history of shampoo?

something that will wash and clean heir and body so is refresed.

Is shower gel shampoo or body wash?

Shower gel is the general term for a substance similar to liquid soap, which is used for cleaning the body while showering. Body wash

Can you use 3 in 1 shampoo conditioner body wash on a guinea pig?

yes you can

Can you wash your body with shampoo?

no because shampoo on your body can make you break out because it isn't non-comedogenicWell I guess some brands could vary. However It shouldn't harm you, might dry your skin some which can be cured before it gets to bad with some lotion. Just use soap/body wash if possible, do not use shampoo as body wash unless you have to. (But Asker, you were right about the first answer. It was removed, the answer now above this is accurate)