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The answer is 1. liquid diets,2.laxatives and diuretics, 3. starvation diets

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2012-11-26 05:52:07
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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: Which of the following are risky weight loss strategies A binge and purge B healthy eating with small but steady weight loss C fad dieting D not eating and only drinking water?
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What is healthy and begins with D?

Dieting is a healthy thing to do.

Is an orange healthy for dieting?


Is dieting good for your health?

Dieting is temporary. You have to make a lifestyle change that sticks to really be healthy.

What is healthy dieting?

Healthy dieting is something like eating healthy food, losing weight, choosing th type of food that really keeps u fit/slim/in shape.

Is dieting good for you?

Over dieting can be very harmful, (Think Anorexia) but controlled dieting while maintaining a balanced intake of food can be healthy.

Is every-other-week dieting healthy?

Not at all.

Is dieting beneficial?

There are numerous benefits from dieting. A lot of people have the wrong notion about diet, it is simply what you eat. Now for restrictive dieting, you eat healthy foods for example, is beneficial. Incorporating as much fiber in the diet is also healthy. The right kind of dieting can help you lose or gain weight, whichever your goal is.

Is drinking 1 percent milk healthy?

Drinking milk in moderation can be healthy.

What is the protein requirement of an athlete?

the answer is healthy eating and aslo dieting and then exserzie

What healthy recipes are good for dieting?

Healthy recipes that are good for dieting include roasted vegetables, whole grain rice and pasta, whole grain bread with sliced banana on top and vegetable soup.

Is dieting healthy?

Dieting is not healthy because this can cause serious health issues. If you are looking to lose weight, the best way would be to eat balanced meals, cut down on the snacks, and of course: exercise.

Is cottage cheese healthy to eat?

Yes, most cottage cheese is very healthy. It's good for dieting or even as a healthy snack.

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