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I can say that the Winchester model 72,and 72A were made from 1938-1943(40,566) were made and after World War II another 120,434 rifles were made from 1946-1949.The only difference in the 2 rifles were that the model 72A had a swept back bolt handle and some minor internal improvements.Winchester did not serial number these rifles and keep records of production,other than what I have stated.Both models were produced at the same time,but the original model 72 was made first for a few years.The answer is the model 72.

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Q: Which is older a Winchester 72 or 72a?
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Best to ask a gunsmith for assistance.

How do you find the age of a Winchester model 72a?

buy providing the serial number with this question,I could answer that for you.

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Manufactured before 1968. No serial number was required. Many of Winchester mass produced .22 rifles did not have one.

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Winchester produced the Model 72 with "Patent Applied For" from 1938 thru 1940... from "The Winchester Handbook" by George Madis, First Ed 1981 pp 265 - 268.

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