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Manufactured before 1968. No serial number was required. Many of Winchester mass produced .22 rifles did not have one.

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2012-10-04 20:50:18
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Q: Where is the serial number on a Winchester model 72A?
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How do you find the age of a Winchester model 72a?

buy providing the serial number with this question,I could answer that for you.

Which is older a Winchester 72 or 72a?

I can say that the Winchester model 72,and 72A were made from 1938-1943(40,566) were made and after World war II another 120,434 rifles were made from 1946-1949.The only difference in the 2 rifles were that the model 72A had a swept back bolt handle and some minor internal improvements.Winchester did not serial number these rifles and keep records of production,other than what I have stated.Both models were produced at the same time,but the original model 72 was made first for a few years.The answer is the model 72.

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 72A?

No sn provided.

Value of Winchester 72A rifle?

Does anyone know the value of a used winchester 72A Rifle?

How do you disassemble Winchester rifle model 72A 22 rifle?

Best to ask a gunsmith for assistance.

Can the Winchester model 72A be chambered by magnum 22 ammunition?

This question would be better directed to a qualified gunsmith.The .22 magnum round is operating at a higher pressure then the regular .22 long rifle cartridge.He would be better able to know if the Winchester model 72A could with stand the higher pressure involved with this rechambering.

How much is a Winchester model 72A 0.22 worth?

It is about 2,500 USD, it is a "collection" model, to my mind the Model 72 is nearly the epitome of the bolt-action .22 LR. The trigger is more than adequate and the stock is comfortable in both carrying and shooting. Complete with the factory peep sight, this gun has taken numerous squirrels and rabbits, more than a few groundhogs and given many years of pleasure to two generations. Expecting this information will help.

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