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All i know are marc jacobs.

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Q: Which famous people are gay
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Who are the famous gay people in Pakistan?

Gay people in Pakistan are closeted. There aren't any famous, openly gay people in Pakistan.

Who are the Famous gay guys today?

There are thousands and thousands of famous gay people.

Were there gay people in the old days?

Yes, there are famous stories of gays in Ancient Greece and Rome. The famous Alexander the Great was gay.

Who are famous black gay people of the 1800s?

Jeffrey Robinson

What type of Famous people in Democratic Party?

The gay kind

Famous people in the Southwest?

if you mean famous people in the south west there is Anne Barry,Bill Baily; John Gay (:

Who are some famous people from maui?

malcomb todd ...he is gay and plays for the lakers

Are there any famous teens who are gay?

There are a large amount of famous teenagers who are gay, these teenagers would include the following people: Gillian Anderson, Thomas Bozworth, Orlando Cruz, and Josh Dixon.

Who is gay in Hollywood?

A list of Famous Gay People including gay celebrities, gay politicians, historians and artists can be found listed under related links. It's not the most complete or accurate list.

Famous rockers who are gay?

One of the most famous rockers that was gay, was Freddie Mercury from Queen.

How do you get gay people?

You can meet gay people but you can't "get" gay people.

Why are gay people successful and become more famous in art and music than straight people?

Something tells me its because people think gays are "unique" or something maybe they just like to make comedy movies with em'

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