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There are meetings of AA in most countries around the world an even on cruise ships.

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Q: Which countries have Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?
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On Life what group's meetings does Charlie regularly attend?

Alcoholics Anonymous

How does anonymity work in Alcoholics Anonymous?

In Alcoholics Anonymous, one maintains their anonymity by only using their first name. It is not recommended that people who attend meetings speak of other participants.

Are there Alcoholics Anonymous meetings held at the White House?

No - access and security are issues that prevent this.

Where can one join Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings?

You can find online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings by visiting the official AA website and looking for virtual meeting resources. There are also other platforms such as that offer virtual AA meetings. Make sure to verify the meeting's authenticity and follow the guidelines for online anonymity and privacy.

What is an organization for recovering alcoholics?

Alcoholics Anonymous has about 3 million members in over 200 countries.

What has the author Leonard N Kidd written?

Leonard N. Kidd is known for writing "Back to Basics: The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners' Meetings." This book provides guidance on how to facilitate effective Alcoholics Anonymous beginner meetings.

What is the difference between alcoholics anonymous and rehabilitation centers?

Rehabilitation centers are short-term, usually in-patient treatment programs. They may hold Alcoholics Anonymous (or similar) meetings as part of the program. AA (outside of rehab) is a support system, with meetings meant to be attended as part of everyday life.

What has the author Alcoholics Anonymous written?

Alcoholics Anonymous has written: 'Survey of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain 1991'

What are Al Anon meetings for?

Al-Anon meetings are meetings in which families and relatives of alcoholics share their experiences and try to find solutions. Al-Anon was established by Anne B. and Lois Wilson in 1951. Lois Wilson was the wife of the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

What does the shark meeting in Disney-Pixar's Finding Nemo refer to?

It is a reference to Alcoholics Anonymous and other self-help meetings.

What will replace alcoholics anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous might never be replaced.

What are the purpose of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings provide a supportive environment for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction to share their experiences, receive encouragement, and work towards recovery. The meetings also provide a sense of community, accountability, and guidance for individuals striving to achieve and maintain sobriety.