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Q: Which US of American president fought to abolish slavery in the 1860's?
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Who were the people who fought against slavery called?

Abolitionists- they sought to abolish slavery.

Which person was a southerner who fought to abolish slavery?

Angelina grimke

What were the 2 main reasons civil war was fought?

Well the main reason was to abolish slavery

How did john brown die?

he got executed on 2nd December in 1859. This is because he fought to abolish slavery.

Who was a US Journalist who founded the radical newspaper The Liberator and fought to abolish slavery?

william Lloyd Garrison

Why did Lincoln not abolish slavery the moment he was elected president?

He would have immediately caused poor relations between himself and states that approved slavery, but remained part of the union. States such as Maryland, who were pro-slavery, would have left the union, as well. The Civil War was fought over the expansion of slavery, not the essence of slavery itself.

For what reasons did the North and South fight the Civil War?

because the North wanted the south to stop slavery and the south did not so they declared war. ANSWER The Northerner People fought to restore the Union and abolish the slavery. The Southerner people fought for the Southern Independence, the Rights of the States and to preserve the "Peculiar Institution"

Who led the opposition to a constitutional ban on slavery?

Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th President of the United States, led the opposition to a constitutional ban on slavery. He was an ardent opponent of slavery and fought to abolish it during his presidency.

Which us president fought to end slavery?

Abe Lincoln

Why did union fight in the Civil War?

The main reason the Union fought in the war was to keep the Southern states in the Union. Another reason was to abolish slavery.

What is the name of people that fought to end slavery in the US?

The group of anti-slavery people in the North were called abolitionists. This was a minority group even though most people in the North did not approve of slavery. Nevertheless, a war to end slavery was not a real threat until the US Civil War. The American movement to abolish slavery in the US dates back before the 19th century began. It grew stronger as time passed. With that said, it is important to note that although President Lincoln hated slavery, he never called himself an abolitionist.

The American Civil War was fought to put an end to what?