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Q: Where to purchase spare parts and history on Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader shotgun 16812F?
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What is history batavia leader shotgun 16812F?


History of baker shotgun batavia leader 16812f?


Where can stock for Baker Gun company model Batavia Leader shotgun be purchased?

I have a shotgun made by Baker Gun company it is sixteen (16) gauge , Model Batavia Leader, Serial Number 16812F and made in Norwich, Connecticut. I would like to know the history of this gun, (date it was made, value, etc.). I would also like to know where to purchase a stock for it. Any help would be appreciated SaltedHog

What is history of batavia leader shotgun?

The Batavia Leader was a model of shotgun made by the Baker Gun Co in New York from c.1903-1933. They were good quality shotguns in their day and high-condition original specimens are becoming moderately collectable.

What is the value of a Baker Gun Company Batavia double barrel shotgun?

There were BATAVIA SPECIAL shotguns, BATAVIA LEADER, etc, made with both steel and damascus barrels. Condition is key, but $300-$400 is realistic. The serial number is 93269.It was bought in 1960.Batavia NY is stamped on it.

Batavia leader side by side shotgun we shot a shell in it and it blew the side out of one of the barrels we were lucky no one was hurt what can your company do?

P...Poll question?

What is the age and value of a Batavia Leader Batavia NY shotgun serial 98169?

1920's. Value depends on condition. Typical Batavia Leaders wont get over $500.

What is the value of batavia leader shotgun serial?

10-500 usd

Where is the location of serial number on batavia special shotgun?

On the bottom of the mono block.

Where can stock for 16 gauge Batavia leader shotgun be purchased?


When was the batavia leader double barrel shotgun 12 gage made?

about $400 if in fine condition.

Where can you find exploded view of Batavia Leader shotgun?

Good luck. Try