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It depends on the model, but it usually is on the barrel somewhere or the breech below where you load the pellet or BB.

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Q: Where is the serial number on your air rifle?
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How old is air rifle serial number 066009?

You need to state the model to even have a chance of identifying the age of the air rifle. There is no list of every air rifle by serial number.

What year Benjamin air rifle serial number T321057?

It was made in 1978

What make is your air rifle serial number 095868?

It is not possible to answer this question with just the serial number. It most likely is made in China

What is a Daisey air rifle serial number f 082082 worth?

Please state the Model number and the condition of the rifle Excellent to Poor.

What year was the Benjamin air rifle serial number T.193221?

It was made in 1974

How do you tell the age of a sheridan blue?

by the serial number. Post the serial number here on answers, put it in the "air gun and air rifle" category and I'll locate an answer for you.

How old is Air Rifle serial Number 93110 177?

I'm going to need more information, like who made the rifle and the model number to Identify it. Just the serial is not much help.

What model air rifle has serial number 110202323?

Unfortunately their is no master record of every model air rifle made by model number that is compiled into one list. You will have to give some sort of description of the rifle. Is it a spring powered air rifle or C02 or Pump? Is it made out of wood or plastic? It is a BB or a Pellet air rifle. How long is it? About how old is it? Does it have any markings on it other than the serial number? Is it a multy or single shot rifle? without more information it is not possible to answer your question.

When was this rifle manufactured -Remington C12 Serial number 427990?

The serial number 4279990 is a partial serial number for this rifle. To determine the date the rifle was manufactured you need to provide a complete serial number that begins with letters.

What is the age of a sheridan C series air rifle serial number 401155?

It was made in 1983

Can age of Benjamin Franklin air rifle be determined using the guns serial number?


What is the Manufacture date of a marlin rifle serial number 989m2?

You have listed the model number of your rifle,not the serial number.