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Out of business. Was located in CA

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Q: Where is the hawes firearms co located?
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When did hawes firearms co go out of business?

Lace of sales

What is the value of a hawes firearms co western marshal 45?

75-275 or so

Hawes firearms co western marshall 44caliber what years were they made?


Can you give me the value of a Western Six Shooter made be Hawes Firearms Co it is a 45 colt caliber?


Who made black powder revolvers for hawes firearms co?

Can't be answered without a detailed description of ALL markings.

What is value hawes firearms co-western derringer cal 357?

Blue Book of Gun Values will get you in the ball park

How do i take apart and reassemble a Hawes Firearms Co J P Sauersohn 357 mag cal?

J.P. Sauer & Sons of Eckernforde, Germany made all, to my knowledge, of the various firearms imported and sold by Hawes Firearm Co. of Van Nuys, Ca. I believe that Hawes Firearms was in and out of business in the 1960,s. I, by the way, have a couple of their single action revolvers and find them to be very good guns. My belief is that they are probably about as strong as a Ruger. J.P. Sauer & Sons only made cartridge firearms. The Hawes Firearms replica black powder percussion revolvers were made in Italy by Arimi San Paolo, Rigarmi, and another unknown Italian manufacturer using COM marking. Some were marked just "Made in Italy" along with the Hawes Firearms markings. Dr. Jim L. Davis

What is the value of a Hawes Firearms Co 36 cal Navy Model made in Italy serial 6666 percussion revolver?

I don't know an exact price for the Hawes navy but I saw one in an auction sell for around $300.00 awhile back

When was hawes firearms .357 magnum made?

Between 1973 and 1981. These were made by JP Sauer and Sons in Germany, and imported by Hawes.

What is the age and value of a 44 caliber Hawes Firearms Co Army Model?

Hawes Firearms were manufactured by a company in Germany around the late 60's to about 1983. They were a fairly decent gun, but not in the Colt or Smith&Wesson class by any means. They are not a collectors item so they usually sell for about $150 depending on condition and model.

What is a single shot 22 caliber that was made in West Berlin SN 30793 and has Hawes Firearms Co Los Angeles Calif on the barrel worth?

No more than 100 USD

How do you take apart a Hawes Firearms Co 22 caliber revolver?

Revolvers are not taken apart except for repair. Suggest you find a gunsmith. Instructions far too lengthy for a Wiki Answer.

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