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Blue Book of Gun Values will get you in the ball park

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Q: What is value hawes firearms co-western derringer cal 357?
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What is the value of a hawes firearms co western marshal 45?

75-275 or so

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF A Firearms international 22 sidebyside derringer?

10-40 USD or so

What is the value of a 22 lng rifle pistol by hawes firearms company?

-10-100 USD or so

Can you give me the value of a Western Six Shooter made be Hawes Firearms Co it is a 45 colt caliber?


What is a Hawes 2 single sot dueling type pistol worth?

Hawes Firearms was an importer of reproduction firearms in the 1960s. The value of any gun is based on the exact make, model and condition. We need all 3 factors, you gave us 1 factor. No answer is possible without more information.

What is the value of a 44 caliber Army Model made in Italy for Hawes Firearms?

Hawes imported inexpensive black-powder Italian reproductions, so the value is not going to be high. Doubtful the grips are actually ivory. *go to Bluebooks Publications, Inc...Firearms...bottom of page offers appraisals for $20.00/2% if above $500.00.

What is the age and value of a 44 caliber Hawes Firearms Co Army Model?

Hawes Firearms were manufactured by a company in Germany around the late 60's to about 1983. They were a fairly decent gun, but not in the Colt or Smith&Wesson class by any means. They are not a collectors item so they usually sell for about $150 depending on condition and model.

What is the value of real Denix 1018G Derringer pistol?

This is a NON FIRING replica of the early Deringer pistols. They sell for around $30-$40 new. They are not working firearms.

What is the value of western derringer 357?

Derringer 2 Shot, 357 Mag, SN 929, what is the value

What is the value of a44 magnum derringer made by American Derringer Corp?

About $300.

What is the value hawes model 11?


What is the age and approx value of a hawes western marshall 45 ser?

There is no way to give you an exact age. Hawes firearms serial number data is not in the public domain. Value is based on condition, finish, barrel length, grips, sights, etc.. Withou more information, the best estimate would be in the 25-175 USD range, give or take.