Where is the Inbox on Facebook?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you go onto the top part of the facebook screen. it will say " Home-Profile-Friends-Inbox". you click on the Inbox and there you are, at your inbox

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Q: Where is the Inbox on Facebook?
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Related questions

How do you inbox someone on facebook?

You inbox someone by messaging them. If you inbox someone his/her message will go to his/her inbox.

What does it mean on Facebook when they say inbox you?

If they say 'Inbox me!' or something like that they mean they want you to add them as a friend on facebook.

How do you stop Facebook chat from saving in your Facebook inbox?

I dont think you can but you can delete an inbox message which will probably clear the chat?

What is an inbox on Facebook?

an inbox on facebook is where people can email you messages that only you can see. After you receive their message and read it, you may also reply to it.

How do you edit a sent inbox message on Facebook?

One cant edit a sent inbox message on Facebook. One simply has to send an edited message and explain where the error came from. Facebook doesn't have a way to edit a sent inbox message as of yet.

How do you tell a girl that i am in love with her?

inbox her on facebook xoxox

What does hmi on facebook mean?

It means hit my inbox.

How do you send a photo on an iPad to someone's inbox on facebook?

Download Facebook messenger for iPhone

Can people see what you write and talk about on your facebook inbox?

No, everything in your facebook inbox is private. Writing on friends' walls and commenting on status', however, is not so everyone will be able to see that.

Cara membaca inbox facebook orang lain?


Where is Facebook inbox located?

Top Left next to Notifications

How do you make chat messages not go to your inbox on facebook?