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One cant edit a sent inbox message on Facebook. One simply has to send an edited message and explain where the error came from. Facebook doesn't have a way to edit a sent inbox message as of yet.

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Q: How do you edit a sent inbox message on Facebook?
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How can you see who sent you something on Facebook?

hi, if they have sent you a request on an app, it will show at the top right of the web page, or if its a message, it will be in your inbox. hope this helps,

Can you recall a private message sent through facebook?

Erased messages can be found on Facebook. People can locate these messages by looking in the archived folder and the inbox folder.

How can one edit a sent message on Facebook?

If a sent message has not been opened, it can be cancelled, edited and resent. This is true of Facebook and a few email servers. It is always best to be careful before hitting send.

Can a message be sent to a former Facebook contact who has gone private by replying to an old message from that person in one's Inbox?

if it lets you reply on the old post then it should be fine and go through.

Can you delete a message after you've already sent in to someone's inbox?


How do I get a IP Address from a inbox message sent to me on facebook Im not very computer literate so if you could explain in detail that would be great thanks?

You can't.

How can you see your past texts from your cell phone?

you can hit messages and go to message inbox or go to sentbox. message inbox is what people send to you. sentbox is what you sent.

If you delete your sent items in Facebook before the person reads it does it delete from their inbox?


Can the person who the message was for in your inbox see it once you delete it?

Yes. If it is already sent.

How would you view sent messages on Facebook?

When on the 'Inbox' page on your left there are three tabs: -Messages -Updates -Sent Click on 'Sent'.

Can you delete a sent message on Facebook if you already sent it?

No, you can't. Once a message is sent, it can't be unsent.

If a message sent over Facebook shows up in your sent messages folder but not on the wall of the person you sent the message to does that mean they still got the message?

When you send a message on Facebook, your message is private between you and the recipients. It will not appear on the recipient's wall.