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You can try gay sites such as Gaydar ... ... MeetOutside ... also can search on the internet for gay chat sites ...

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Q: Where is a good place for free gay chat sites?
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What is the best free lesbian chat sites?

Best is a value judgement. There are a number of free lesbian chat sites. The oldest sites are offered through Yahoo Groups. Checking out groups and subgroups will yield a good fit.

What are some good places for free teen chat?

Online isn't the only place for teens to chat for free. There are a few chat apps that can be found for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Online, there are a multitude of places to chat for free like widely used social media networking sites, or topic specific forums, or even sites specifically for open chatting that have age specific rooms.

What are good chat sites like ''club penguin''?

waddle chat

What's a good way to chat with other programmers online - any good sites to recommend? has a chat

Where are there free chat rooms for kids without downloading it?

There are plenty on the net. Simply go to Google and type in your keywords "free chat rooms for kids" and you will come across plenty of good sites. I would personally recommend chat-buddy or teensay which you will find in the Google suggestions.

Good free chat rooms?

There are plenty of good free chat rooms on the net. Just try using Google and you should find plenty. AOL has many free chat rooms.

What are some good college chat rooms?

There are several sites that cater to wide varieties of chat users, including college students. Omegle, while not being directly college student based, is a good place to meet college students. Chat-Avenue is also a good site, as it has a specific area for college chat.

What is a good video chat website that is free and involves no downloads?

chat roulette ...

What are some good chat sites for adults?

Cam Stumble Sex Roulette Fun Yo Chat Pig Roulette Chat Omegle Chat Roulette

What is a teenage chat site?

Omegle is a good one. But if you are looking for good video chat (even tough Omegle has one its a bit glitchy) try Chatroulette! these are both good chat sites! have fun!

What are the best game sites to play free online games? is a really good site to play free online games at with chat and achievements included as is good as well, but I don't frequent that site could be good, too.

What is a good chatting site for free?

A good chatting site for free is Yahoo chat rooms.

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