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I would love to help you if you provided more information about what clips you want. Though it is generally recommended that you make record your own video with a camera as using video clips from elsewhere can lead to copyright issues.

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Generally, you have to make the video yourself. If you are uploading someone else's video, make sure it is saved to your computer, and do the same if you make your own video. Go to YouTube's homepage and click upload. Select the file, name it, and allow it to upload. Depending on the size of the video, it should not too long.

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When you enter the home page, right next to the search bar are 3 separate options. Browse, Movies, and Upload. Click on upload and just follow the given directions. P.S you MUST have a youtube account in order to upload. If you don't have one, good to the home page and look at the very top, right corner. Click on sign up and follow the given directions.

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Q: Where do i get video clips to put in a youtube video?
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