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There are free clips attainable from a variety of sources, but the best place to look for free clips is on YouTube. There may be home footage that is probably not copyrighted and able to be used.

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Q: Where can i get free football clips to put into a video to upload onto YouTube?
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Where can you download football clips?

You can find football clips on YouTube, then copy the clips url and paste in YouTube videos downloader (Yaxtube)

When you upload a video on Youtube do you have to pay for the MBs it uses?

No, you do not have to pay nothing to upload a video to YouTube.

How do you upload an video on YouTube?

You Get a YouTube account, then click "Upload" then click on the button to select a video, then select the video you want to upload and then it will upload. Make any changes you want to the video then click "Save" and you are finished! :)

How do you put videos from your computer to YouTube?

go onto YouTube click upload then upload video then browse for your video

How upload video on youtube?

You can upload your videos onto YouTube by editing your video by using a video editor software first. You can then save your project and login to YouTube and upload your video by using the upload button to the right of the YouTube search bar.

How do you put videos on to YouTube?

click upload then upload video then find the video

What is a famous YouTube video that starts with a y?

Open iMovie and then open the movie that you want to upload to Youtube. Now, open the iMovie to youtube export screen by clicking File>Export>iMovie to Youtube. In the iMovie to Youtube export screen, set the video clip to upload, the video quality, the title and description to upload, the category and tags to upload, the youtube channel to upload to(optional), the advanced settings and then press the upload button.

Can you only upload video at youtube or can you do mre with it?

You can upload, edit, and share videos on YouTube.

How do you upload a video on YouTube after recording?

First go to YouTube and make an account then click upload, after that click upload from computer and then find your video on your computer, wait for it to upload and there you go!

When trying to upload a video onto YouTube it rejects it and says it is a duplicate upload. what do you do?

try to copy the video to the screen of the computer and rename it then go to youtube press upload then destop then upload

How can i upload a video to youtube that was made on macbook Mario movie maker?

If the application you used is compatible with YouTube, then see if you can upload it to YouTube directly from the application. If not, download the video file and then upload it to YouTube through the desktop version of the website.

Where do i get video clips to put in a youtube video?

I would love to help you if you provided more information about what clips you want. Though it is generally recommended that you make record your own video with a camera as using video clips from elsewhere can lead to copyright issues.