Where do THC crystals come from?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Where do THC crystals come from?
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Is THC a crystal?

No, THC is not a crystal. Most of the THC is contained in the trichomes, which are extensions of the epidermis and are simply said to resemble crystals.

Why is marijuana covered with white crystals?

Really, really good pot is covered in those white crystals (and aren't they beautiful?). They're pure THC; they're called THC crystals, or "keef." See the Related Link below.

What chemical is on marijuana that makes you high?

THC the crystals that make yu feel high

Can you see the crystals in cannabutter?

If I use a jewelers loop can I see the crystal in,thc,in cannabis butter?

What does THC look like?

WikiAnswers cannot provide pictures in answers. However, the related links contain images of both the chemical structure and the crystals formed by THC.

Does thc grow on marijauna?

THC is a chemical that forms "in" marijuana, not "on" it. The leaves, stem, and seeds contain the least amount of THC. The buds themselves contain a much higher concentration. And the trichomes (crystals and hairs growing off of the bud) contain the most THC out of the whole plant. In fact they are almost pure THC.

What country did crystals originally come from?

Crystals are found in all countries.

Where do crystals come from?


Is there any THC in spice?

No there is no THC in spice. Spices is sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC but it will not come up in a drug test.

How much THC can come from 1.4 g of marijuana?

Depends on the concentration of THC. If you have marijuana with 10% THC then 1.4g could give you, ideally, 0.14g,

How do you get the most THC out of cannabis?

pick off the little THC crystals and put it on tinfoil, roast it, and then snort it. learned that one from my dawg snoop dizzle. Or if you want to smoke it just use a vaporizer. you get something like 95% of the THC and your just smoking straight THC, no plant, so it smokes really smooth and tastes good.

If you got THC out of your body does it come back?

no, not unless you smoke it again or do a drug or something that containts THC.