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I suggest that you go to the Crosman homepage ( they own Benjamin) and click on "Download a manual" there you will find the owners manual and parts diagram for your rifle. See related link.

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Q: Where can you view a Benjamin air rifle model 347 parts diagram?
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Sears air rifle model 126.19300?

THIS IS A CROSMAN. It is a Crosman model 140 or 1400

How do you put back together a crosman model 781 bb rifle?

See the link below for the parts diagram.

How do you install firing pin on a 22cal model 73 savage bolt action rifle diagram please?

website for gunpartscorp, letter S, Savage, Model 73, and there is a parts diagram.

Where can you get a diagram to identify parts for a of mossberg and sons inc rifle model 146b-a 22-s-lr?

try egunparts

When was the first Benjamin air rifle produced?

The first Benjamin model was the "St Louis model" made in 1899.

Where can I find a parts diagram for a Remington model 16 rifle?

See related links I put a pointer to for the model 16, the have many schematics there as well as the parts page online.

How do you work on a Benjamin model 397p?

There are 4 different versions of the Benjamin 397. See the attached link. You can download the owners manual and the parts manual for your rifle. It will show you how it is assembled.

How do you reassemble a crosman air rifle model 2100?

See the attacked link from Crosman for the parts diagram. See the Link Below.

How do you assemble a Daisy Model 1994 Air Rifle?

Your best bet is to contact Daisy directly and request a parts diagram if they have one.

Where can you find a parts diagram for a daisy model 99 air rifle?

I would contact Daisy directly at the link below and ask them.

How much is a Benjamin pelit rifle worth?

What Model and what condition is it in?

What year is model H121718 Benjamin air rifle?


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