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I would contact Daisy directly at the link below and ask them.

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2012-02-07 03:52:07
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Q: Where can you find a parts diagram for a daisy model 99 air rifle?
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How do you assemble a Daisy Model 1994 Air Rifle?

Your best bet is to contact Daisy directly and request a parts diagram if they have one.

Where can you find a parts list for a daisy rifle model 960?

From Daisy. You can request a manual by email-

How do you fix pump on an 860 daisy BB gun rifle?

I would contact Daisy Customer service and ask for a parts diagram. See the link below.

Did Daisy make a Model No 88 Daisy Eagle BB air Rifle?

Daisy made a model Golden Eagle BB rifle but it was a model 104 golden Eagle from 1966-1974. Daisy made a model 88 Hunter rifle, roughly from 1957 - 1960 Daisy made a model 98 Daisy Eagle in three variations from 1955 -1960. (I think this is the rifle you are referring to.)

How do you disassemble and disassemble daisy model 799.19052 air rifle?

This is a Daisy Model 1894 made for Sears. I understand it is one of the hardest models to work on. I suggest you contact Daisy customer service at the link below and ask for a diagram if they have one.

Sears air rifle model 126.19300?

THIS IS A CROSMAN. It is a Crosman model 140 or 1400

What is a daisy model 1894?

The Model 1894 is a BB rifle made by Daisy to resemble the Winchester lever action rifle used in the old west.

Where can you view a Benjamin air rifle model 347 parts diagram?

I suggest that you go to the Crosman homepage ( they own Benjamin) and click on "Download a manual" there you will find the owners manual and parts diagram for your rifle. See related link.

How do you put back together a crosman model 781 bb rifle?

See the link below for the parts diagram.

How do you install firing pin on a 22cal model 73 savage bolt action rifle diagram please?

website for gunpartscorp, letter S, Savage, Model 73, and there is a parts diagram.

What is value of daisy BB rifle model 938?

My understanding is the model 938 was a toy rifle not a bb rifle, but I did find out it was made in 1988

Where can you get a diagram to identify parts for a of mossberg and sons inc rifle model 146b-a 22-s-lr?

try egunparts

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