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No published sn datat that I am aware of.

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Q: Where can you obtain serial number info on J W TOLLEY firearms?
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Were would the serial number be?

On what?? Many firearms before 1968 did not have serial #'s.

What is the age of serial number 118408?

is that the serial number of a model A ford ?? or firearms ?? If a firearm, who made it and what is the model ????

What is the age of serial number 1184B?

is that the serial number of a model A ford ??? or firearm?? If a firearm, which firearms, who made it and what model............?????

Who made a 38 speical pistol before serial numbers?

some firearms were produced without serial number, but as of 1968 all firearms are SUPPOSED to have a serial number. I don't believe any 38 specials were made without a serial number, unless of foreign make......................

Why is there no serial number on a mossberg 395 k shotgun?

Firearms built prior to 1969 weren't required to have a serial number, and many didn't. Nixon signed the law requiring all firearms to have serial numbers in 1969.

Why is there serial numbers on guns and bullets?

Inventory tracking for firearms. BTW, ammunition does not have a serial number.

Winchester serial number?

Yes. Winchester put sn's on most of its firearms.

there is no serial number on a glenfield model 70 at least 45 years old?

Firearms were not required by law to have serial numbers until Congress passed the gun control act of 1968.Begining in 1969 all firearms were required to have serial numbers.Chances are that your Glenfield model 70 does not have a serial number.

What is Iver Johnson serial number 24474?

Iver Johnson made many different firearms. Serial 24474 is one of them.

Find how to date firearms by serial number?

Blue Book of Gun Values will tell you.

What is the value of serial 288784?

is the serial number on a truck, car, airplane or firearm ???? if a firearms, who made it, model number, caliber......... value on ANYTHING has to do with overall condition...................

Does anyone have info on a Firearms Int'l Corp serial number B224876 The serial number has the B stamped over top of the first 2?