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Try contacting Krico here: The site is in German but to locate their email addresses click on 'Kontact'.

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Q: Where can you get a spare magazine for a krico .22 Hornet rifle?
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Where can you get a spare magazine for a krico 223 rifle?

The maker, gun shops, gun shows, want ads, for sale ads, estate sales, garage sales, pawn shops, etc..

Krico rifle cal22lr and want a 5 or 10 shot magazine please help?

Krico is no longer in business and very few spare parts are available in the U.S. Spare magazines and firing pins are especially difficult to come by. In the U.S. you should do continuous searches on eBay, guns international, yahoo and google, etc. (but note that google places restrictions on sellers of firearms and firearm related products, so you will not get the same search results as you would on the non-biased yahoo search engine). You'll need to search through gun shows and perhaps bring your rifle to ensure proper fit and function or bring your current magazine for comparison. You should expect to pay $85 or more for a used 5 or 10 round magazine. Once you come across one you should not hesitate to buy it right then as many, many others are looking for the same part. My search over the past three years has netted me only three spare magazines ranging in price from $85 to $165. Another option would be to try to find used Krico rifle that is the same model as yours to use as a spare parts gun. If the seller has additional magazines, then your problem is solved. However, keep in mind that since the firing pin is the weak spot on Krico rifles you should try to find and purchase as many of these as possible. Never dry fire your Krico without having either a spent casing in the chamber or a snap cap. Dry firing a Krico with an empty chamber will cause the firing pin to break at approximately its mid point. The firing pin can be repaired by a competent gunsmith by welding it together and refitting it for function. The final alternative for finding Krico spare magazines, firing pins or other parts is to do a worldwide search for online retailers. Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Finland, and New Zealand would be the primary countries to search for online firearms/parts sellers for your Krico rifle. Unfortunately, your search will likely take a lot of time and a lot of patience, but will be a continued necessity if you are serious about finding spare parts for your Krico.

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Where to buy a spare magazine for savage 93R17 rifle? sells a 10 round magazine for the Savage 93r17 Try numrich guns part corp.They can be found on the web.

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