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about 1 second If you have a spare magazine ready.

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Q: How long does it take to load an assault rifle?
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How long does it take to load a civil war breech rifle?

30 secoends

How long does it take to load a rifle?

Depends on the rifle. A muzzle loading rifle may take 30-45 seconds to load (skilled shooter with all supplies laid out). A semi auto rifle with detachable magazine, such as the AR-15 series can be loaded in about 1 second if the magazine has been loaded. Insert magazine, pull operating handle back and release.

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If i have a handgun that says 22 long rifle what kind of bullets does it take?

.22 Long Rifle bullets...

How do you load a 50 cal navy arms bolt action muzzle load rifle?

That is FAR too complex (and potentially dangerous) for a brief answer here. The link below will take you to an owner's manual for a Navy Arms in-line rifle.

What kind of amo does the M16 take?

The M16 assault rifle is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATOcartridge. It can also fire the civilian .223 Remington round.

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Where to find a clip for a small 84 cal long rifle made in Italy?

Take the rifle to a gun shop so they can figure out what make, model and caliber rifle you have. There is no 84 caliber long rifle.