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2009-02-26 00:07:40
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Q: Where can you find parts for a revelation model 100 single shot 22 rifle?
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Where can you find parts for Revelation model 120 rifle?

Numrich Arms is a good source for gun parts.

What is estimated value of Revelation Model 101 22 Cal single shot rifle?


Where can you find parts for a Revelation model 160 22 caliber rifle?

If your rifle is a tube magazine type semi auto, it was made under the Revelation brand for Western auto by Savage, and is known as the Model 80. SOME parts may beavailable from a gunsmith, or sources such as Depending on the parts needed, the cost may be more than the value of the rifle.

Who made the revelation model 220A rifle?


Who made revelation model 100 rifle?


Can you find a clip for a Revelation model 107 22 mag W.M.R. rifle by Western Auto Supply Co?

go to e-gun part

What would be the value of a revelation western field model 103 lever action single shot 22 rifle?


What is the value of a revelation 5115-4X rifle?

Please check your model number and repost. That is not listed as a Revelation rifle model, but it IS the model number of a 4 power telescope sold by Western Auto.

Who made revelation model 110 22 rifle?

I think Savage did. sorry it was not a savage. the revelation model 110 was a marlin model 81.

Did savage build 22Mag bolt rifle under Revelation model 107 name?

Revelation Model 107 was made by Mossberg (Model 640K)

What is the value of a Revelation rifle made by western auto supply?

It would help if you gave the model, cal, and condition of the rifle. Western Auto Revelation had hunderds of rifles for sale.

What is the rate of twist in a Revelation Model R220A rifle?


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