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Sorry don't have an answer, but I have one of these with the same model number. The closest I can find is that it was dated 1890-1910. Do you know any more about this gun? Who is the manufacturer? etc. Richard

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โˆ™ 2007-07-17 21:43:58
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Q: Where can you find a stock and forend for a 16 gauge Paragon Model WS single barrel shotgun?
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How do you take the barrel off of a excel single barrel shotgun?

Take it to a gunsmith

Who made single barrel the imperial shotgun?

The users of them.

When was my Smithsonian single barrel 410 shotgun serial?


How much is a 16 gauge single barrel shotgun model 350A worth?

How much is a 16 gage single barrel shotgun model 350A Revelation

Do you still make the gun with the interchangeable rifle and shotgun barrel?

I do not personally, but yes, there is a single shot rifle that can have the rifle barrel replaced with a shotgun barrel.

What is the value of a single barrel Excelsior shotgun?

about $100 US.

How rare is the Triumph single barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

It isn't.

What is the value of peerless single barrel shotgun?

35-100 USD

Does ww greener make a single barrel shotgun?

yes they made a martini action single barrel shotgun 12gauge it is cheap around £100 but it has a huge amount of recoil you can buy them on

What is the value of a Remington model 1894 single barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

The Model 1894 Remington was a side-by-side shotgun. The Model 1893 was a single-barrel shotgun with a side hammer. The 1893 in excellent original condition can bring $300.

How much is a Lefever 12 gauge single barrel shotgun worth?

An early model Lefever single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun with a 30-inch plain barrel can be found for sale online for $300. This is the price for one that is in excellent condition.

Who made a single barrel shotgun with a ring in the trigger guard that breaks the barrel down and what years?

Iver johnson

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