Where can you buy nickel?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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you can't buy a nickel. It's change you can get back. There's no buys nickels, dimes, pennies, or quarters. It's just change.

Lawls literal epic fail sir. im pretty sure they were asking about the element nickel, Ni, not the currency.

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Q: Where can you buy nickel?
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Is it ok for a person to buy or own the material nickel?

Yes, it is ok to buy and/or own nickel.

What can you buy with a nickel in 2011?


What would happen if i didn't have nickel?

you wouldn't be able to buy something that cost a nickel

What is a sentence using the word nickel?

Example sentence - My grandfather said he could buy a whole bag of candy for a nickel when he was a boy.

How much is one adult cricket insect?

To buy, about a nickel, retail.

How much is a Honda 250 XL worth?

a nickel and ill buy it!

What could a nickel buy in 1922?

A nickel cigar, a ticket to the theater (nickelodeon), a ride on the trolley, a nickel Coke, a glass of beer, a piece of pie, a magazine, coin operated pianos, and many other coin-operated machines of which the nickel was king, followed a close second by the penny. The nickel even went far in penny arcades. And like today, there was always the nickel slot machines.

What are the safest earrings you can buy?

Some people have a nickel sensitivity when it comes to earrings. Therefore, I believe that nickel free or nickel safe earrings are the best and safest earrings to use. They are made from surgical stainless steel.

Where do you use the Holmes nickel on poptropica?

all you do when you get the nickel is give it to the guy next to the factory so he can buy soap and he gives you a pair of googles to find holmes

What element is used in nichrome wire alnico magnets stainless steel barnacle scrappers and as a catalyst for hydrogenating vegetable oil the kind you might buy at the local five and dime?

"Nichrome" stands for nickel and chromium. "Alnico" stands for aluminium, nickel and cobalt. We can stop there, I think; we've found our answer.

Where can one find Brushed Nickel Light Fixtures?

You can buy Brushed Nickel Light Fixtures at a hardware store or at a Do-It-Yourself store. You can also find them at webshops such as Amazon or eBay.

How do you make a nickel appear in an unopened soda can as a magic trick?

Buy the magic trick and it will tell you