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Anyone that reloads ammo can reload a 38 caliber pen gas cartridge using any spent 38 caliber cartridge. Just use the primer and no powder. Inside the cartridge a small amount of cotton is placed first, then the irritant (cinnamon, cayenne or other fine pepper) is placed in. Again a small amount of cotton is put on top and the cartridge is sealed with wax. When discharged within 5' -10' at an assailant it will temporarily disorient the person giving you the opportunity to relocate. Much better than killing someone.

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Q: Where can you buy cartridges for a Hercules 38 special gas pen gun?
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Can you still buy tear gas pen guns?

Yes would you know where i can buy the cartridges

What is the value of a Hercules 38 special gas gun?

20-100 USD depending on specifics

When was Hercules Gas Engine Company created?

Hercules Gas Engine Company was created in 1902.

Where do you get gas cartridges foe older model paslode nail guns?

CO2 cartridges can be found at walmart

Is Hercules gas-munitions corp still in business?


How such is a Hercules gas 410?

@ 100 USD depending on conditon.

Find information on Hercules gas 410 ga gas shell only model 40 pat number 1775178 Hercules gas munitions corporation?

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How to clean blackened gas fire radiants?

Hi there - you can buy a special white ceramic radiant spray which will bring them back!

What would happen if you shot a 38 special bullet out of a Hercules model 35 pen gunnot a gas bullet?

There were tear gas pen guns that were intended ONLY to fire a cartridge with a load of crystalized CN tear gas. If you fired a standard .38 Special cartridge with a metal bullet in one of those tear gas guns, something very bad is about to happen. At the least, the tear gas gun would be destroyed. Upper end of bad- it will kill you. Medium bad- when gun blows up, will take your hand with it.

What is the value of a model 35 Hercules munitions tear gas gun?

10-60 usd

Find information on Hercules Gas Munitions Corp Model 35 tear gas gun?

A model 35 tear gas projector was an American police arm. It was manufactured by Hercules Gas Munitions Corp. based out of Chicago, IL. There were several other models of these types of tear gas projectors and they would shoot tear gas cartrigages. Some models would shoot 12 gauge shells filled with tear gas, other 20 and .410 gauge. The model 35 would use .38 Special cartrigages filled with tear gas. As far as I know this was the smallest of the projectors which is about 5 inches in length finished with a black finish, brass fittings, and closely reseambles a fountain pen.