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where can I buy a new rear sight for a spesco 38 special

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Q: Where can you buy a new rear sight for a spesco 38 special?
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Where can you buy a rear peep sight assembly for a Remington 510-p?

Midway USA

Who sold the model 151 12 gauge shotgun imported by spesco corp?

where can i buy parts Kmart

Where do you buy an adjustable rear sight assembly for the export 380 Mak from Baikal? has them for your IJ70-17a or 18a .

How do i buy a rear sight for a Winchester model 270 pump22 rifle?

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Replacing rear brake shoes 1998 pathfinder?

there is nothing special about the rear brakes, if you have changed any kind of rear brakes on anything else, you will be able to handle the job. if not, spend the $20 and buy yourself a manual.....

How do you get the rear caliper on a 1998 Honda Accord pushed in for replacing the rear pads?

You need a special tool. Most auto parts stores will lend you the tool if you buy the pads from them. Just ask.

What is a lyman r12 sight?

It is a sight for a Remington model 12 pump .22 If you have one I will buy it.

How can you get or use powerful sight?

buy binoculars or even a telescope.

How do you compress the rear brake caliper on a 92 Honda accord?

The rear caliber must be turned at the same time it is compressed. There is a special tool designed for this purpose. Most auto parts stores will loan you the tool to accomplish this if you buy the parts from them.

Where can you buy a rear sight for a sako vixen rifle?

Not sure you should really put a rear sight on this very accurate rifle, but Sako made them to mount on the rear of the receiver. They are available now and then on or Ebay - $100 - $200. At this point I would ask why... on possibly the most accurate 22 centerfire in the world... would you want to use metalic sights? Considering it's range is aprox 275 yards, why don't you consider putting a 10 -16 power scope on it, and actually benefit from it's potential. David Henzler

How do you get the dust cap off the rear drum 2003 ford focus?

A big pair of channel-locks and twist as you pull... and they DO make a special "puller" for them, buy at NAPA, or AutoZone.

How due remove rear wiper blade 2007 jeep wrangler?

The 2007 Jeep Wrangler takes a special jeep-only, dealer-only rear wiper blade. Its best to ask the dealer for the procedure when you go in to buy the replacement blade.