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Gas rebate credit cards typically offer up to 5% rebate at the gas pump. Some credit cards that offer the best rebates are BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card, Barclaycard Rewards Master card, Discover It card, and Chase Freedom Visa.

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Q: Where can one get a cheap gasoline credit card?
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How does one top up a gasoline card?

One may top up a gasoline card gift card by going to the website of the gas company, for example Shell, Chevron, Valero or Texaco, and loading more credit onto it. This may be accomplished by transferring money from one's checking account to the gasoline gift card. If the gasoline card is itself a credit card, one may contact the company to ask for an credit increase.

Where can one find a cheap student credit card from Capital One?

One can find the cheapest student credit card from Capital One from the Capital One website. Other cheap student credit card companies are: Bank of America, Citi Forward, Discover.

What are typical interest rates for gasoline credit cards?

There are two types of charge cards offered at most gasoline retailers, a credit card sponsored by the gasoline company and a card for that gasoline company specifically. For example, Petro Canada at one time offered a CIBC Visa Petro credit card, which could be used anywhere and still collect points to be redeemed at Petro Canada. They also had a Petro Canada credit card, which could only be used to purchase products from Petro Canada. The rate on a gasoline company charge card tends to be higher than that of a standard credit card, at about 29% interest rate on average.

Where can one purchase plane tickets with a credit card?

If someone wishes to purchase plane tickets with a credit card there are a variety of ways someone can do so. One of these ways are; Expedia, Cheapoair, Cheap Tickets, Cheap Flights and Make My Trip.

What is a single purpose credit card?

A single-purpose credit card is one that can be used in one store or chain of stores for one specific purpose. Examples: Cards issued by a department store such as J.C Penney or a gasoline company such as Citgo

Which one is the best low balance transfer credit site?

Shifting balances from an existing credit card to a new balance credit card can save you money if you can find one with a cheap rate. Some of the cards are Citi Simplicity, Discover It, and Chase Freedom.

What companies offer cheap credit card rates?

Some of the companies that offer low interest credit cards are Citibank, Discover, Barclays, Chase, and Capital One. The interest rate on a card can vary depending on your credit worthiness.

Could I apply for a gasoline credit card?

Yes, you can. there are a variety of offerings to choose from. To apply to any one of them you must fulfill the needed requirements.

Where can one get a charge credit card?

There are many places where one can get a charge credit card. One can visit their financial institution to see if they are currently eligible for a credit card. One may also apply for a credit card from numerous online credit card websites.

Does any one have a credit card number?

Yes, everyone who has a credit card has a credit card number.

How can one get credit card with bad credit?

u sex the credit card and it has no money on it

Does the Credit One credit card have any annual fees?

There are a range of Credit One credit cards. The Business Cashback Aspire Business Credit One credit card has no annual fees to pay, but other variations of the card do.