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The following websites have information about the Scarsdale diet: and

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Q: Where can I find out more about scarsdale diet?
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Are there any websites that could help me find scarsdale diet?

The website has some information about the Scarsdale diet. For the complete diet plan, purchase the book on Amazon at

Where can one find a Scarsdale diet plan online?

There are many sites where one can find the Scarsdale Diet plan online. Some of these sites include MomsWhoThink, Fad Diet and Weight Loss Advisor. The best site to visit, though, would be the Scarsdale Diet site itself.

When was Scarsdale medical diet created?

Scarsdale medical diet was created in 1979.

Does the scarsdale diet actually work?

The scarsdale diet may or may not work for you. It really depends on how your body functions. Getting more daily exercise is also another method for losing weight.

What are the release dates for American Justice - 1992 The Scarsdale Diet Doctor Murder?

American Justice - 1992 The Scarsdale Diet Doctor Murder was released on: USA: 3 September 1997

How do you lose weight faster and get better results without pills?

Try a certain diet, maybe scarsdale diet.

Is the Scarsdale Diet Safe?

The Scarsdale Diet is a high protein diet that resembles the more popular Atkins Diet. However, the Scarsdale diet promotes a very low calorie intake, from 700 calories for a woman to 1000 calories for a man. While you may lose weight on a program like this, you will likely be irritable, and have low energy. Exercise would be almost impossible with so few calories. While it is safe in the very short term, it is best to only follow this plan for a few days leading up to a special event. Much of the weight lost is merely temporary water weight.

What exercise and diet methods would be most helpful for weight loss?

Firstly make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep at night. This will help you with any diet and exercise plan you choose to be most effective. The Scarsdale diet walks you through breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can handle the Scarsdale diet on any budget.

Where is the Scarsdale Public Library in Scarsdale located?

The address of the Scarsdale Public Library is: Post & Olmsted Roads, Scarsdale, 10583 M

What 1970s high-protein diet was named for a high-income community north of New York City?


Where is the Scarsdale Concours Inc in Scarsdale New York located?

The address of the Scarsdale Concours Inc is: 40 Morris Ln, Scarsdale, NY 10583-4402

Where is the Scarsdale Historical Society in Scarsdale New York located?

The address of the Scarsdale Historical Society is: 937 Post Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583-5656