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If your daughter has a GPS-capable smartphone and allows you to install the software, tracking software such as AccuTracking ( can be used for cell phone tracking. Otherwise, tracking can only be performed by the phone company and this is not made available to the public.

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Q: Where can I find information on cell phone tracking?
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Where can I find more information on Cell Phone tracking?

If you are looking for information on where can you find more information on Cell Phone tracking, the best place to find it is on

Where can I find an app for cell phone tracking?

The answer to this question depends on the type of device one is using. For Android, there is an app named "Cell Phone Tracker" which can be used for cell phone tracking. For IOS, there is an app named "Find My Iphone" which can also be used for cell phone tracking.

what dose cell phone tracking do ?

Cell phone tracking allows you to use your GPS on your phone to find your phone if it is lost or stolen, it also allows you to find friends and family memebers as well.

i just bough a new cell phone and there is a program on the cell phone call cell phone tracking what dose it do ?

Cell phone tracking allows you to use your GPS on your phone to find your phone if it is lost or stolen, it also allows you to find friends and family memebers as well.

Does cell phone tracking ever help to find lost children?

Yes, cell phone tracking can help to find lost children. It will not work though if the child loses the phone somehow.

What are the advantages of a cell phone tracking device?

a cell phone tracking device is good if your phone gets lost or stolen because you can then track it down to find it's location. Or if it has been stolen you can give the information to the police to help them track down the thief and get your phone back.

How does gps tracking find the phone?

The position data is sent to the cell towers.

What is mobile cell phone tracking used for?

Mobile cell phone tracking is mostly used for finding your lost or stolen phone and on occasion for the government or other groups to locate you as well as to find lost children.

Can I use my computer for tracking my son's cell phone, to find out where he really is?

There are several companies that offer tracking for cell phones. The easiest way is to use Google Lattitude which will plot your cell phone on Google Maps.

Where can I find an app for cell phone GPS tracking?

There are many great cell phone GPS tracking apps available. The Apple store and the Android store both have a large selection of these apps.

Can I track a stolen cell phone using cell phone GPS tracking?

Yes, but there are certain boundaries and other information that you need to know before you use cell phone GPS tracking. Check out Brick House Security for information. Yes, but it doesn't come standard with every cell phone. There is a website called AccuTracking that will help you being using cell phone GPS tracking. sure but cops can do it better.... but the phone must be turned on. how can i use gps to track down a loss cellphone yes I am replying to answer above? How do cops do it better and will they waste their time? how can i gps a cell phone how can i gps a cell phone for free on online can i gps a cell phone were is located at find that person from the cell phone address my brother cell phone has lost.i want to track where the phone is my brother phone has lost.i want to know where it is. FYI--CELL PHONE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TURN ON TO TRACK IT! iiphiphhlohn trying to find a ryan merton cook what if a cop is the one who stole the iphone

The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone GPS Tracking?

Cell phones have become an important part of every person's life. Cell phones have advanced beyond the simple concept of receiving and placing phone calls. GPS or Global Positioning Systems have been added to most of the newly manufactured cell phones. GPS allows the capability to track the movement of a cell phone. There are a wide range of benefits to GPS but with those benefits come privacy issues.How GPS Tracking WorksCell phone GPS tracking technology uses gathered information between satellites and cell phones to determine a relatively accurate location of a cell phone. GPS tracking can provide real time information regarding the location of a cell phone or it can provide historical information. This means it is possible to determine up to the minute live information or past information regarding where the cell phone has been within a period of time.Benefits of GPSTracking cell phones has helped in many ways. For example, if you should have a expensive cell phone with a lot of sensitive or personal information on it, and you can't remember where you left it, your cell phone provider could use GPS to help you track down your cell phone. In addition, cell phone GPS tracking has helped save several lives. When somebody is missing or injured, in some cases cell phone GPS tracking has helped locate them and save their life. Also, cell phone GPS technology is commonly used to help navigate when driving. There is no longer a need to use paper maps, all you need is a cell phone with GPS navigation to find your destination.Privacy Issues of GPSThough there are many benefits to cell phone GPS tracking, there are many people that believe that cell phone tracking infringes on personal privacy when a person's location can be identified without their permission. In essence, being followed without consent is possible when it comes to GPS tracking. However, in most cases GPS tracking can't be done when the cell phone is turned off.SummaryCell phone GPS tracking is one of the great advances in technology. This advancement has brought many luxuries and some controversy when it comes to personal privacy. In any event, cell phone GPS tracking is used in various ways and if you travel any distance, short or long, you probably have encountered somebody using GPS technology if you do not utilize it personally.