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Mobile cell phone tracking is mostly used for finding your lost or stolen phone and on occasion for the government or other groups to locate you as well as to find lost children.

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Q: What is mobile cell phone tracking used for?
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Where can I find an app for cell phone tracking?

The answer to this question depends on the type of device one is using. For Android, there is an app named "Cell Phone Tracker" which can be used for cell phone tracking. For IOS, there is an app named "Find My Iphone" which can also be used for cell phone tracking.

Where can I find information on cell phone tracking?

If your daughter has a GPS-capable smartphone and allows you to install the software, tracking software such as AccuTracking ( can be used for cell phone tracking. Otherwise, tracking can only be performed by the phone company and this is not made available to the public.

Tracking Cell Phone: GPS Technology For Locating Mobile Devices?

Tracking down cell phones can be used secretly or for safety reasons. Essentially, the location of all mobile phones could be tracked because these devices use satellites for communication, which is the same technology used by GPS systems. However, the GPS tracking capabilities of most cell phones have to be activated, usually through downloading and installing basic software applications. Most GPS tracking apps are designed for specific phone operating systems such as Android or iPhone iOS, so it is important to download the right software. The basic features of GPS tracking allow for pinpointing on a map the various locations of a cell phone over a period of several days. Such data can be viewed from another computer or even mobile phone.

What is cell phone tracking used for?

Cell phone tracking is often used by parents to monitor their teens' location as well as what they are accessing on a smartphone. It is also used by many employers to monitor employees' cell phone use. Because it helps locate the phone, it can also be very useful if the phone has been lost or stolen.

How is science used in creating a cell phone?

there is science in a mobile phone

What is cingular gps tracking used for?

A cingular gps tracking feature on a cell phone is primarily used for people tracking. It can also be used to track other things such as automobiles and packages.

Can you use a cell phone tracking on any phone or are they used for specific phones?

There are specific phones that use cell phone tracking, not all use such a feature. Some older phones are not able to be tracked, and some phones only allow tracking by 911 calls.

Difference between mobile and cell phones?

The term 'mobile' phone is more commonly used in the UK. 'Cell Phones' are mobile phones, but the term 'cell phone' is more common in the USA .

Diff between a cell and a mobile?

There is no difference. A cellular phone and a mobile are the same. Just a difference in language choice. The term cell phone is used predominately in the America's where mobile phone is more predominate in Europe.

What device is used for tracking a cell phone?

There are various devices that can track a cell phone's SIM. These are mostly small devices that use GPS tracking, but there are also some surveillance systems which can pick up audio signals.

How does mobile phone tracking work?

Mobile tracking work by using location data from different sources and then using them to find out precise GPS location on map. is a free mobile tracking website which provides owner name address and location details.

What raw materials are used to make cell phones?

mobile phone.

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