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Many doctors, companies, clinics and patients post before and after weight loss pictures. You can view some of them at,, and

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Q: Where can I find befire and after weight loss pictures?
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Where can I find advice on before and after weight?

There are several sites of personal blogs, where people post pictures of their weight loss. I didn't find a specific website providing just pictures of people and their weight loss.

Where can I find more information on weight loss pictures ?

Weight loss pictures can be very inspiring to those who wish to lose weight. Before and after pictures, however, don't tell the whole story. Consult your physician.

where can I find before and after pictures of people on a diet?

Before and after pictures of weight loss from diets can be found on any weight loss programs main website, or you can pull up a picture book of them.

Where can i find before and after weight loss pictures? has 67 befor and after photos and stories of weight loss stories. The Stories include tips on how they lost the weight, what inspired them and how they are contuing to lose or maintain the weight loss.

Where can I find more information on pictures for bariatric surgery?

Most doctors will not perform bariatric surgery unless you are obese. The pictures requested are available at:

Where can I find more information on weight loss surgery pictures ?

Go to your doctor who can recommend a weight loss specialist or you can go online to a credible source such as webmd. A nutritionist could also be likely to help you with any weight loss needs.

Where can one find before and after weight loss pictures?

Before and after weight loss pictures are usually located on diet websites. Anything advertising easy weight loss will offer a selection of before and after pictures to support their product. Whether they are real or not is always debatable. For legitimate pictures, try your gym's notice board; quite often gym members will post photos of their progress. You could even try your gym's Facebook page.

Where can i find before and after weight loss surgery pictures?

The best answer is that you just need to do a simple search of "before after bariatric pictures". There are literally hundreds of medical center / physician sites with the pictures you are looking for.

where can I find pictures of a gastric bypass?

WebMD offers a slideshow detailing the different types of gastric bypass surgeries and has pictures of each procedure available online at this location:

Where can I find pictures of weight loss surgery online?

You can go to and view numerous photos of before and after photos of weight loss surgery patients. This website includes before and after pictures of several different types of weight loss surgery including: lap band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery.

Finding Pictures of Weight Loss Surgery?

Sometimes, to find real photographs of before and after results of weight loss surgery can be a challenge. The Internet is full of doctored and fake photography, where the image is manipulated to make it seem like a patient lost a ton of weight after surgery and looks great. Beware of photographs from sites and sources that do not have a credible testimony! The best way to find real pictures of weight loss surgery is to visit reputable medical sites, or request appropriate material from your surgeon or family physician. This will give a much more realistic weight loss goal.

Where can I go to get some pictures of bariatric surgery?

There are many places on the internet to find pictures of bariatric surgery. A few of those include:,,

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