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The HCG diet allows only 500 calories a day. A review of it can be found at:

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2014-09-01 00:00:17
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Q: Where can I find accurate Dr. Simeons HCG diet reviews?
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Where can I find Dr. Simeons' HCG diet reviews?

The HCG diet has been shown to be successful in the short term. There are no long term studies that have been done so far.

Where can I find some Dr Simeons HCG Diet recipes for my mother?

You can find some of Dr simeons HCG diet recipes on the following site: It is an extreme diet.

Where can I find hcg diet reviews?

You can find HCG diet reviews on the following site: There are definitely mixed reviews.

Where can I find some new Dr Simeons HCG Diet recipes?

You can find Dr Simeon HCG diet recipes on the following site: It is a very extreme diet.

How can you find free diet for woman reviews online?

You can easily find free diet information and reviews for woman online at BestDietForMe. There are also diet recipes for you to pick from for your diet choice.

Where can I find reviews for good diet plans?

You can find reviews for diet plans by doing research. You can find blogs where other users have tried the products and tell their thoughts and opinions, and you can also go to the website of the diet themselves and read the reviews.

Where can one find accurate coffee machine reviews?

There are a number of places where one can find accurate coffee machine reviews. Reviews of products are typically found on websites such as Amazon or Coffee Snoop.

Does the internet provide accurate HCG diet drops reviews?

Yes the internet is full of reviews but most of them are shills provided by the company that wants you to buy their products. One credible place to find honest review is

Where can I find reliable and accurate homeopathic HCG diet reviews?

One of the best places to look are those which offer good evidence. As such, one of the best sources for reviews can be found at

Where can I find reviews for the liquid hcg diet?

The HCG diet is considered one of the most effective diet methods currently on the market. You can find some truthful reviews at the website

Where can I find reviews for "Diet To GO"?

You could ask those who have tried this diet before or your physician. Some sites that have reviews on this diet include;,, etc.

Where can I find helpful reviews of HCG diet drops?

Their are several website on the internet that claim to have truthfull reviews of this product. You can find them at this website

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