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You can find Dr Simeon HCG diet recipes on the following site: It is a very extreme diet.

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Q: Where can I find some new Dr Simeons HCG Diet recipes?
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Where can I find some Dr Simeons HCG Diet recipes for my mother?

You can find some of Dr simeons HCG diet recipes on the following site: It is an extreme diet.

Where can I find some good tasting liquid diet recipes?

You can find these recipes in all the diet cookbooks. You may also find other yummy recipes online at different web sites some of these web sites might have comments from other people who tried these recipes.

What are some recipes for the hcg diet?

Many of the recipes for the "Zone" diet are also appropriate for the HcG diet. I was also able to find a website that lists many HcG diet recipes. It is

What are some recipes from the second phase of the HCG diet?

You can find some recipes for the second phase of the HCG diet on the following site: They have a good selection.

Where can I find some healthy diet recipes?

There are actually some cookbooks for people with diabetes that can actually help healthy people access healthy diet recipes. And you can also find out what is healthy to eat by using the food pyramid

Can I find diabetic diet recipes on-line?

There are so many links to find some good diabetic recipes. Here are some to choose, Happy Cooking!!!!

Where can you find some delicious diet recipes?

Diet recipes can be found in a wide variety of places. The Food Network often has diet shows on. Prevention magazine is another good one. Weight watchers has some fantastic and tasty recipes even if you aren't on the plan.

What are some sample recipes from the dash diet?

You can find a ton of sample recipes from the dash diet on But if you want to find something that tastes good, you'd be better off on McDonald's website.

What are some recipes that you can make when on the HCG diet?

There are many delicious recipes you can use when you are on the hcg diet. Some of these recipes can be found at or

What are some cookbooks of diabetic diet recipes?

You can find cookbooks of diabetic diet recipes at a bookstore, or online. However the basics of diabetic diet recipes include varieties of fruits and vegetables, as well as wholesome foods. Lean meats and poultry are good proteins for diabetics. Portion size is also a very important detail that diabetic diet recipes should include.

Where can one find a gestational diabetes diet?

There are a number of different diet plans available for gestational diabetes. If one follows these plans it will be beneficial for one's condition. Information regarding the diet plan can be found on Intermountain Healthcare and one can find some great recipes on the Gestational Diet Recipes website.

What kind of recipes are out there that are relatively safe for diabetics?

You can find info on relatively safe recipes by going on or something to find out the best diet for you and your body type and suggest some foods for you.