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Q: Where can I buy woman's basketball ref flat front pants?
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What is the difference between pleated pants and flat front pants?

Pleated pants have vertical folds of fabric at the waistline, creating extra room and a more traditional, relaxed fit. Flat front pants, on the other hand, have a smooth front without any pleats, providing a sleeker, more modern look with a slimmer silhouette.

How do you make the front of your pants stay flat?

you have to wear really tight undies

What does it mean if a pair of womens pants are "flat front"?

Typically, this means they are without pockets or pleats to like flat against the body and to reduce bulk across the hips and thighs.

Will a basketball bounce higher on a flat surface or a rocky surface?

the basketball will most likely bounce higher on a flat surface

What is the differences between a flat basketball and a regular basketball?

A flat ball doesn't have a lot of air in it, so it doesn't bounce that well, where as a full basketball has less resistance, and therefore bounces higher. Basically, the difference is the amount of air in the basketball.

What kind of surface is basketball played on?

a flat surface.

What surface can a basketball be dribbled the most on?

a flat surface

Does a full basketball weigh the same as a flat basketball?

No, because the full basketball includes the mass of the air, unless you don't include the air, then they are the same.

How do you clean white polyester football pants without bleach?

wash i cold water and DO NOT DRY!!! Spread pants on table or flat surface.

What is the size of basketball backboards?

The backboard shall be a rectangle measuring 6' horizontally and 3 1/2' vertically. The front surface shall be flat and

What type of eneryg does a basketball have when rolling on a flat surface?

Same as a football.

How much is a stromile swift basketball card?

2 dolla flat