Where are sako rifles made?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Sako rifles made in Finland and founded in 1927. Now sako rifles are very popular in today's time. Many well known companies are making and supplying sako rifles. Customer can visit this shops and get these rifles easily.

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Q: Where are sako rifles made?
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In what country are Sako Rifles manufactured in?

Finland in the country responsible for the manufacturing of Sako Rifles. Sako Rifles are essentially used in sporting and hunting activities ever since 1921.

Sako made brownings in 1964 through 1973?

Browning had rifles made by other makers.

Who makes tikka rifles?


Did Sako make Browning Rifles?


What years were browning 222 made in Finland?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

I have 2 sako rifles 1- L-579 ser 30014X forster varmint the other is a deluxe vixen 222 ser 8518x L-461 when were they made?

These rifles made in Finland

What is the value of a Sako L579 Forester 243 that was made in Finland?

Made 1958-1971, Do not have exact production records, yours would have been about mid 1960s. VERY nice rifles.

When was my sako AIII rifle serial number 549414 manufactured?

Unfortunately, the current owner of SAKO (Beretta) does not publish date of manufacture tables for NEW Sako rifles. Try contacting Beretta Customer Support through their website.

Who owns sako rifle?

Sako Finland manufactures some of the world's finest hunting and sporting rifles. These rifles remain incomparable in terms of accuracy, quality and premium pricing. They are sold at discounted prices at major online firearms store and rifle centers.

What is the value of a Sako .243 Bolt action rifle?

Probably in the $600-$900 range, but depends on which model and condition. There are 6 pages of Sako rifles in one of my references- so which one do you have?

The caliber is not marked on all sako rifles?

Might be a replacement barrel. DO NOT FIRE until a gunsmith checks it out

What is a Sako 2506 deluxe L61R worth?

Sounds to me like you have the sako deluxe Finnbear model sporter.The value of these fine made rifles will be between 425-750 dollars for a rifle having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.Depending on the individual some may pay more.