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You have to get a new sim card or you put more money onto the card

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Q: When you turn your phone on it says invalid SIM how do you fix this?
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You just got a blackberry that is open to any network but it wont accept my sim-card it says invalid sim card what do you do?

If you are getting Invalid SIM or Incorrect SIM when you insert a SIM card from a GSM provider, then it would mean that the Blackberry phone is still locked to the original carrier. You would need to unlock it first.

What do you do with an invalid SIM card in a Quickfire?

You would get the Invalid SIM message if you insert onto the phone a SIM from a different carrier. This means that the phone is locked, so you would need to unlock the phone first before you can use the phone on a different service provider.

When I put the SIM in BlackBerry 8100 the phone INVALID SIM?

it has to be unblocked to open the phone to all networks or find out what network the phone was origonaly made for and get one of them sim cards.

What does invalid sim mean on my watch phone?

go fck yourself

When you turn on your cellphone it says searching for network but today it also says registering sim what does this mean?

It means that your phone is registering your sim card,which is slotted in the back of your phone near the battery {cell},and look in the dictionary for registering because i cannot explain it.

Your phone says unregistered SIM how do you make it work?

YOU CAN'T NIGGY! if it says ''unregistered sim'' that means either getta new phone eerr getta new sim!

How do you fix a vodafone sim card when it says invalid sim?

try doing a factory re set on your phone or take the sim card out for a few minutes then put it back in if that does not work then you may to take it a vodafone dealer and get them to have a look at it as you may need a new sim card

Your phone says sim disabled what do you do?

Contact your cell phone provider.

When i turn on my Samsung gt E2120 it says phone freezed how do you remove this?

turn on your freezed gt-e2120, after its says phone freezed dont turn it off, turn the phone around and take the cover off with the phone still on. now take the battery out. there is a sticker all around the phone all you have to do is take off the samsung sticker so your left with plane sliver battery with no logos. now insert the battery without any SIM inside, turn the phone on it should be working, no turn off put your desired SIM inside then turn back on. fixed. OPTIONAL: you can put the sticker back on after you have fixed it

What should you do if your phone says failed to register sim?

1. try a new sim 2. Ask your phone supplier 3. get a new phone

What does it mean if your phone says SIM Disabled-What should you do?

buy a new Sim card or consult a local mobile phone store

What is no sim on the i-phone?

In some situations, the status bar on your iPhone might display No SIM, even though your iPhone has a SIM card.