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It depends on what you are being checked for. however they have to tell you what you are going to be checked for.

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Q: When you pee at a check up do that test for marijuana?
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Will Valium cover up marijuana in a pee test?

No. When testing for illegal substances they have a few options, hair, blood, pee are the basics. Marijuana will not be covered up by anything other that a lack of marijuana, 45 days to get clean if you are a regular 3-5 days for first couple of times. But Valium will not cover it up, all that will do is add Valium to the list of substances found in your body

Can THC be found in urine in a normal check up?

No. Unless the Doctors are specifically looking for marijuana in your system, the answer is no. I thought the same thing when I went for a normal check up & urine sample. But I found out that unless they are looking for marijuana in your system, then it wont be a problem.

How could i pass a marijuana piss test in 5 days?

Drink a lot of water and take a cleanser or mask that will cover it up in your can probably get one at a local G.M.C.

Will a laboratory test for Down syndrome pick up marijuana in your system?

If the test for this syndrome is a blood test then, maybe. A blood test will detect marijuana. A urine test will also detect marijuana.

Can contact high from marijuana show up on pee test?

No, contact high from marijuana cannot be detected on a urine test. Urine tests only detect the presence of specific marijuana metabolites in the urine, which are produced when marijuana is internally metabolized by the body.

Will marijuana show up on insurance tobacco test?

No...but if they're testing for tobacco, they probably also test for marijuana.

Will Valium show up as marijuana in a test?


Will ecstasy show up in a marijuana urine test?

no if it's just a marijuana test than it will be testing for THC mdma

Will shrooms show up in a pee test in a cup?


How much marijuana does it take to show up on a drug test?

A very small amount of marijuana can show up on a drug test. Most companies will allow a small amount of up to 20 ng to show up on a drug test and not test positive.

How do you clean your system of marijuana if you got an home test tomorrow?

Get cranberries smash them up and drink the juice but also drink water lots of water so you can pee it out of you body

Do comanys check for hydrocondone?

n in a general 5 point test,hydrocodone crystalizes and does not come up in a standard pee test.they have to add on an extra sample to test specifically for hydrocodone.