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No its having sex or kissing passionly

no its not having sex its like kissing for more than like 30 seconds and using your tongue by like putting it in the other persons mouth and stuff

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Q: When you make out do you use your tongue or what Is making out basically just kissing and using no tongue or what?
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What are some movements for your tongue when making out with someone?

You can be pretty much as creative as you wish when using your tongue while kissing (french kissing). You can either kiss someone using just your lips, keeping your mouth slightly open, opening your mouth a little for contact then closing (how most people do it). When using your tongue, or french kissing, you do the same thing, except when your lips make contact, you start using your tongue. My personal suggestions: 1. start by running the tip of your tongue across their lips for the first couple kissing, usually forewarning them about what is going to happen. 2. When your tongue makes it into their mouth, find their tongue. Rub around their tongue lightly in circles, touching all sides of their tongue. (works best for me) WARNING!!! Do not jam your tongue as far into their mouth as you possibly can. Not only could they gag on it, but it's not exactly attractive trying to make two full tongues share the same mouth. You'll surely lose your significant other doing something like that. Keep it light and gentle.

When making out is there tongue?

No, but it's called french kissing when the tongue's are used in making out. it's up to you if you want to or not.i don't like using my tongue, it's gross to me.

If after kissing your boyfriend and then brushing your teeth and using mouthwash you noticed red spots on your tongue what does this mean?

People can buy a tool called a tongue scraper, from Butler (toothbrush product). It is meant to remove plaque on the tongue from between the taste buds. It keeps the tongue clean and removes dead taste buds, making your breath fresher. The plaque resembles milk on your tongue after drinking milk. It

How do you make sure not to get sick kissing?

Well one thing don't kiss while one or the other is sick, and try to stay away from using tongue or French Kissing ( kissing with tounges instead of lips)

How do you say 'I'm going to passionately kiss you' in French?

I'm going to kiss you passionately: Je vais t'embrasser passionnément!

Why doesn't my bf like using tongue when making out?

Your boyfriend might thinks its fine to kiss you but using tongue is groce to him because in a way it is exchanging spit.

What is the meaning of 'tongue and chick'?

What you must have heard was tongue in cheek and it means farcical. A play done tongue in cheek makes fun of itself. It is a parody. Basically: joking. Tongue in cheek refers to the facial gesture of using the tongue to make the cheek stick out on one side, which is a sign of skepticism or disbelief. Something said "tongue in cheek" is not to be taken seriously.

How do you know of your a good kisser?

you could try kissing someone who's very honest and ask them if you're any good. If people avoid kissing you, you either have bad breath or are a bad kisser. Kissing like a washing machine is not a good way to go. Don't force your tongue down their throat. Be gentle, and intensify if the person you're kissing seems to be enjoying it. Ask before you decide to bite someone's lip. Some people find it to be a great turn on, others hate it. A mark of a very good kisser is the ability to tie a cherry stem in a simple knot using your tongue.

Why does he kiss your lips without using his tongue?

That isn't something that people do on the first date; some will hold off for several dates. It is a very intimate form of kissing. Some people may not particularly like it.

How do you makeout without using tongue?

Just keep kissing but if it was me I would let him or her kn I don't wanna tongue kiss before we start if u js kinda leave into it without noticing and him or her put tongue in stop and asked them not to. But to be honest if u don't feel comfortable then don't if it's ur first time making out I definitely wouldn't tongue kiss bc even though u guys kissed. It not really js a simple kiss it's more than tht it's kinda going further in ur relationship and it's uncomfortable to me for ur first time making out and u might be nervous to js have someone shove or stick their tongue in ur mouth so I would make it clear if ur about to or if u already r and they js stick in tongue then stop and ask them not to.

Where do you put your teeth when you are kissing?

You don't put your teeth anywhere. When you kiss you use your lips. In a french kiss you use your tongue. So you wont be using your teeth. To kiss you touch the other persons lips with yours, purse them a little. For a french kiss you open your lips and massage the other persons tongue with yours.

How do you tell if someone is french kissing?

Oh they all like it if they like you so if he does he wants too.