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white thick discharge is there but still no period;now 50 days . what is the reason

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Q: When you have white liquid in your underwear how soon will you get your period?
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You get white goo in your underwear. What is it?

this is a sign that your period is coming soon.

What is a sign you are going to have your period soon?

For most girls a thick, white mucus will form on your underwear a few months before your period

What is the dark brown stain on your underwear?

It means you will start you period soon.

What does that white gooey stuff be in your underwear does that mean im about to start your period?

it means that you are having hormones and yes you might start you'r period soon, don't feel imbersessed about this it is a naturalle thing

My period is 7 days late and have white milky liquid coming from your breast?

Take a pregnancy test. It is possible that you could be pregnant. The white milky liquid could be colostrum, which is the first type of breast milk. However, it is unlikely that you would be getting that this soon.

How long will you have black spots on your underwear then have your period?

It usually starts soon thereafter & usually 3-4 days then you are over it.

How long is it usually take for a girl to get her period during she has goo in her nickers?

well all girls develop at different times so you can never be so sure. xx ,, But when you have white stuff in your underwear it does mean that you will be getting your period soon. :) x hope you learn something

Why do you have white stuff in your underwear everyday?

It says that your period is going to start soon. Discuss with a parent or and older female relative to see when they started going through puberty. It will probably occur at around the same time because of genetics.

Why do you have yellow sticky stuff in your underwear?

It means that your most likely going to have your period soon it happens to girls around the age of 9-18

I am ten years old and I haven't had my period so why is there white stuff in my underwear?

ok. im also ten and i have my period that used to hapen to me to. itz totaly normal i just mean that u gonna get ur period soon so don't b afraid cuz evry owoman gets it b 4 she gets her menstrual

Why do you have big clumps of white stuff in your underwear everday?

Yeah,it's very normal.It means that you are going to have your period soon it came to me but I still didn't get my period LoL =] Yeah,it's very normal.It means that you are going to have your period soon it came to me but I still didn't get my period LoL =]

What are the signs of starting your period?

Well, if your underwear start having white "stuff" in them, then you are getting close, when it starts getting thread like, then you will start your period very soon. this is another person.. your breast's get bigger and tender and you also start to get hair underarms and down there