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it means that you are having hormones and yes you might start you'r period soon, don't feel imbersessed about this it is a naturalle thing

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Q: What does that white gooey stuff be in your underwear does that mean im about to start your period?
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You are twelve and today you found what looked to be brown stuff in your underwear and when you went to the bathroom there was red blood on the toilet paper did you have your period?


Why do you have white stuff in your underwear everyday?

It says that your period is going to start soon. Discuss with a parent or and older female relative to see when they started going through puberty. It will probably occur at around the same time because of genetics.

What are the systems of getting your period?

Well when you are getting you'r period you can get discharge which is a white stuff you might find in your underwear. You might also have breast tenderness or bloating. Also you will get public hair. The average time to get you'r period is 12 years old but it veries from girl to girl so don't worry if you don't get it when your friend

Is the brown stuff on your underwear your period?

The brown stuff may be your period. Brown or pink discharge is commonly refered to as 'spotting' it is when small amounts of blood mix with your normal vaginal discharge - spotting is often a result of hormonal changes in your body so it may occur as your body is getting ready to start menstruating over the next few months. Spotting can also be the start of your period; your period is when uterus lining sheds, it doesn't all come out in one go so it starts off very light like this and usually ends as spotting like this too. The only way to tell if this is your period or not is to see whether it continues over the next 3-7 days - if it is your period it is likely to get at least a little heavier, if not change from brown discharge to full bleeding. Either way if this is the first time you're seeing something like this let your mom or guardian know that it may be your first period. When you experience spotting like this it's a good idea to put on a liner or a pad, you can also use menstrual cups or softcups, but do not ever use tampons with spotting as there's not enough blood to use tampons safely. Also change your underwear, before putting into the laundry rinse out with cold water and also if stained soak in water with hydrogen peroxide in - your mom or guardian can help you with this.

What is the brown stuff that comes out when you your period?

Dead blood cells!

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What does it mean when you find gooey pink stuff in your underwear is it your period?

Old blood

What is the gooey stuff in your pants called?

If you are a girl this is called discharge. It is natural. This happens 6 months before you start your period.

What doesmis mean when you get brown gooey stuff in your underwear but you have already had your period?

It mean's you're period is ending and it might last from 1-2 days. Or more, but for me it usually lasts about 2. Other times it will come, and you think you're period is over, but then you could get it the next day.

Why do girls have clear stuff on there underwear?

The clear stuff that i sin girls underwear is called discharge. It comes before your period, its perfectly normal.

What is the gooey green stuff in Bartholomew Cubbins book?

gooey rreen stuff

How do you get the white stuff to stop coming out on your underwear?

This is called discharge and girls have it before they start their period. You can stop it coming onto your underwear by using Tampons. This will stop it getting out and making you feel uncomfortable all day.

Is your period about to start?

A sign that you are about to start your period is when you see white gooey stuff in your panties (vaginal discharge). Your first period can be a little bitty dot or sometimes in can be really really heavy like mine. if you have cramps the have pamprin at walmart for only $4.15 it really works and it works quickly> i hope this helps you >3

How long is it before you get your period after you find white stuff in your underwear?

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What gooey stuff is coming out of your hamster?

If there is gooey stuff coming out of your hamster, this could mean they are sick. They may have diarrhea or an infection.

Why is there white stuff in your underwear everyday if you have already started your period?

Discharge........its wierd and nasty but it happens

When do you know when you started your period?

you will have a vaginal discharge which is white or yellowish stuff that will show up in your undies your breast will be tender and your period will start about 1 year after the vaginal discharge. to tell if your breast are tender is if they are sensative to the touch and or squize.

What are the signs of starting your period?

Well, if your underwear start having white "stuff" in them, then you are getting close, when it starts getting thread like, then you will start your period very soon. this is another person.. your breast's get bigger and tender and you also start to get hair underarms and down there