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Q: You are twelve and today you found what looked to be brown stuff in your underwear and when you went to the bathroom there was red blood on the toilet paper did you have your period?
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What do you do when you get your period?

What You Do Is Either Go To The Nurse If Your In School Or You Go To A Women You Trust. If You Had Your Period Before You Know What To Do. If Nobody Is Around Go To The Bathroom And Put Toilet Paper In Your underwear. If Your Mom or Other Relative Has Pads or Tampons Use Those. If You Have Nothing, Put The Toilet Paper In Your Underwear And Walk To A Gas Station or Grocery Store. Find A Dispencer For Female Heigene Products And Put The Quarter In And Receive The product. Apply The Product.

What did women in the past ware when they had their period?

they took some tissue or toilet paper and folded it and taped it to their underwear

What do they call a bathroom in Ireland?

A bathroom is called a bathroom in Ireland. What is meant when you say "Bathroom" in Ireland is a room that has a bath. In some countries, it can mean a room that does not have a bath, but does have a toilet. Some countries are a bit uncomfortable about using the word toilet and so they use the word bathroom even when it does not have a bath in it. There is no problem about using the word toilet in Ireland, so a room without a bath, but with a toilet in Ireland is called a toilet. In Ireland, calling a room a bathroom when it does not have a bath in it, does not make sense. If there is a bath and a toilet in the room, then it is called a bathroom. Even then, someone might say they are going to the toilet, when their intention is to relieve themselves.

What do you do the protect blood from leaking through your cloths when you have your period and nothing to protect it?

you get some toilet paper and put it on your underwear like u have a pad and go to the bathroom to change it about every hour to two hours but don't go any longer or it will leak.

Can underwear go down toilet?

You will probably clog your toilet or pipes if you flush anything but toilet paper. I would not recommend trying to flush underwear down the toilet.

What are some items you find in a bathroom?

Bufferin, soap, bathtub, emery board, hair brush and Ivory soap are things found in the bathroom. Additional things include Noxzema, toilet, bandages, saline solution and underwear.

Where do you go to use the bathroom?

In the bathroom. On the toilet

What to do when your unprepared for your period?

If it is an absolute emergency, roll up toilet paper and put it in your underwear until you get get a pad or tampon. Note: use very thick roll of toilet paper.

What is a restroom?

It is a Bathroom or a Toilet.

Where's the toilet?

In the bathroom

What is a bathroom tissue?

A bathroom tissue is a euphemism for toilet paper.

What is the song on the charmin commercial?

Charmin toilet paper commercials have a couple of different songs. One of the songs is titled "Clean Underwear". The other is titled "Bathroom Break".