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If you are under the age of 18, most states require parental permission.

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2011-06-07 00:09:18
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Q: When you get your belly button pierced does you parent have to sign?
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How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in North Carolina?

you can get it pierced at any age, i think under 18 you have to have a parent sign off though.

Can I get my belly button pierced in Maryland at age 14?

You will probably have to have a parent with you and they might have to sign a few things or something like that.

Do you need an id to get your belly button pierced?

no. but if your under the age of 16. you need a parent/guardian to sign for it. or you can piece it yourself

Can you be 13 to get a belly button pierced?

why not aslong as you have someone over 18 to sign for you!

Can a sister-in-law sign to get your belly button pierced?

No the sister in law is not a legal guardian or parent. Documented proof of relationship is required to verify family relationship.

Does your belly button stay swollen for a month after getting it pierced?

Swelling might be a sign of infection

What do your parents sign when your getting belly button pierced?

Pretty much signing a waiver saying that your parent and/or guardian is responsible for you and that they are giving the company the right not to be held liable if anything goes wrong.

What is the minimum age a child has to be to get belly button pierced in Virginia?

16 if your parents sign with you. If they don't or wont, you have to be 18 :)

Can your 21 year old sister sign for you to get your belly button pierced?

No, it has to be a legal guardian until you're 18.

What is the legal age to have your belly button pierced in the Miami?

Most of the time if your parents are with you & the sign they don't care how old you are.

Can you have your belly button pierced at eleven with a parent?

Hiyya xxAs long as you have your parent with you , you can get your belly peirced at any age !! x i am 12 and i am getting mine done this week xx so you just need your parent 2 sign the form and be with you all the timme xx good luck :)you can't get it done because your body is still growing and it can affect you!xx

Can you get your belly button pierced if you are 12?

Yes you can with if your parents sign a form. if your parents say no wait until your 16 then you do not need your parents consent.

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