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Several rifles were made in .25-20 caliber. The manufacturer and model number need to be identified as well as the serial to determine the date of manufacture.

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Q: When was this rifle made calibur 2520 serial 282219?
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What year is my Winchester 2520 riffle the serial number is 841160?

You do not state which model of Winchester you have? If you have a Winchester model 1892,then your rifle was made in 1917.

What is the value of serial number 339775 2520 lever action Winchester?

Depending on condition but if the rifle is a model 92 the value is probably 300 to 1000 dollars.

How old is your 2520 mod 1892 sn 442080?

Your Winchester model 1892 lever action rifle was made in the year 1907,with the serial number that you have supplied.

What year was a Winchester 1892 2520 serial 656176 made?


What is the age of a Winchester lever action rifle 2520 serial number 007828?

What Model Winchester is it? Based on the partial serial number given, it could be either a Model 92 or a Model 65. As a side note, Winchester never used leading zeros in a serial number... there should be a "1" preceding the "007828".

What is a 2520 nickel plated Winchester rifle worth?

Almost nothing unless you can prove it left the factory with a nickel finish.

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How do you find the age and value of a 2520 J Stevens Arms and Tool Co single shot rifle with a serial number?

That form of the Stevens name indicates manufacture between 1886 and 1915. Since you have a serial number, the Stevens historian may be able to give you an exact year, for a fee. should have his contact information.

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