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The very first smartphone on the market was the Simon by IBM. It was introduced in 1992 and released to the public in 1993. It had most of the features that today's smartphones have (touch screen, games, email, etc) but would be low-end by today's standards.

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after inventing smart phones

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Q: When was the first smartphone app invented?
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The person who invented the first smartphone holder is Martin Cooper. Hope this helps! ;)

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Does an iphone app work on a non-smartphone?


When was the first mobile invented?

The first touch screen phone, Ericsson R380 Smartphone, was released in 2000

What was the first app invented?

I think it was pac man

Did Steve Jobs make the first smart phone?

No he did not create the first smartphone in fact he never invented anything. The first smartphone was the IBM Simon.

Who invented the first smartphone?

1992 -- The first smartphone was invented by IBM in 1992. It was nicknamed, "Simon," and had a plethora of features including a calendar, address book, calculator, email service, and even a touch screen. At $899.00, though, most people could not afford it.

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You can contact a British gas engineer by using your smartphone by downloading the app called The British Gas App. This app helps when you need to contact a British gas engineer.

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The detail tracked in a smartphone app workout is not something which you can measure. You may have strong app, in this case a lot of the work being done automatically. However, if you don't know how to install and operate the app, that would be useless too.

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